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Minggu, 26 Juli 2009

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Discover How to Turn Your Web Site's Content Into Cash!

AdWords ad position is based on the bidding amount of keywords from an ad. Of course, the higher the bid, the higher the position to buy your bids. For example, if the highest bid for the keywords "Internet marketing" is 80 cents per click, you can get the top position by bidding 90 cents. So every time someone clicks on your ad, Google will charge 90 cents, and you will maintain the top position until someone else bids more for the same search word placement.
Google AdSense, as stated earlier, an extension of Google AdWords. AdWords and concepts needed to move out of the Google search pages and thousands of other pages on the web. Ads that are displayed on the site are Google AdWords ads.
It's good for advertisers, who will show more and more widely, to Google, which cost more for this program, for you, that will make money from the clickthroughs on the page, and also for consumers, who akan see cool ads for stuff they may be interested!
So how do you make money doing it is all of this? You get part of pay-per-click amount, every time a visitor clicks on the ad. So you only need to ads on the site ...
Yesterday I Get On Your Site
Once you join the AdSense program - and Google agree to the site or sites, that we will soon discuss in detail - the actual process of displaying ads on your site is very simple. You are provided with a small HTML script, which you can paste it anywhere on your web page. You can insert this code and have several times on several pages, and view the ads are served! Google will automatically put the AdWords ads that are most relevant, from the broad advertiser base. Google employs various sophisticated algorithms to determine the relevance of ads to your content.