Adsense Smithe

Minggu, 26 Juli 2009

Adsense Smithe 1

Discover How to Turn Your Web Site's Content Into Cash!

There is no "magic bullets" or "get rich quick" schemes that work. Experienced staff as a marketing or Web publisher, you already know that.
But there are several ways to make really significant "passive" money on the Internet, and especially with Internet advertising. Of these, one of the best, and most legitimate, Google AdSense, now you know everything.
When you're ready to get started with the AdSense program, the previous information, combined with additional resources, will help you make most!
AdSense more Resources
Do you have a website or 100, RSS feeds or not, or not to blog, here is a list of tools, software, scripts, and other resources that can help you win the Google AdSense campaign.
Tools and Script
This is a tool that will help you in many fields such as see the ads appear to specific keywords, tracking and analyzing clickthroughs and revenue, scripts and more.
AdSense preview tool from Google - Preview your AdSense Ads
Desktop AdSense - Tools to analyze the statistics Google AdSense
AdSenseLog - Another tool to analyze the statistics AdSense
AdSenseCharts - Chart generator for statistics
Google AdSense Revenue Checker - Check and monitor revenue
Google AdSense Sandbox Tool - shows what appears akan Ads for specific keywords or content
AdSense Web Tool - similar to the one above
AdSense Tracker - Analysis Statistics and Tracking